Sunday After Thanksgiving

I have to wonder: Who will this interest? Probably only ME. And possibly the hubby if he ever stumbles upon it. The mind-numbingly tedious minutiae of my existence. Well, I’m having fun — it’s MY blog and I’ll bore if I want to.

So, here we are with Thanksgiving thankfully behind us. Another deceptively wintery-looking day, and I think it was a bit cooler than recent days. Windy, too. We did get a little sun later in the afternoon, and the high was around 80 — very unseasonable, even for central Texas, but lovely.

In the morning I realized I’d forgotten to make the potato salad Saturday night, so I put the potatoes on and cooked them after breakfast. Slowed me down a bit, but we didn’t have anything on the schedule for the day. While they were cooking I edited some photos (thank you, PicMonkey!) and added them to my recent journal entries. I’m heading into my third year with Apple’s DayOne journal app and so far I’m very happy with it — especially since I’ve added it to my laptop and can sync it with my iPad. Don’t think I’d be really comfortable using it for extremely personal journaling, but it’s great for making notes and keeping my daily log.

We got the tree decorated Saturday and Michael immediately set about putting his train layout around it. During breakfast on Sunday I suggested he might want to rearrange things a little, and put the two places of business (hobby shop and diner) together on one side, and the house and skating pond on the other. That would divide commercial area from residential area, and be a little more realistic. (Although how realistic can you really hope to be with a Polar Express train running through your community?) Anyway, he agreed that would be better and so spent a very happy couple of hours playing with his trains before lunch.

In the evening we had leftover turkey for dinner (surprise!) — I made fresh stuffing, gravy and green beans, and we also had the potato salad. Tasty, but I’m definitely ready for something besides turkey for a while. We still have a bit left, though; so turkey sandwiches are probably in our not too distant future. Later, we decorated the little table-top tree in the bedroom. I was sort of planning to put that off a bit — my back is really sore and stiff from all the standing I’ve been doing these last few days. But Michael was antsy to get it done so he could get all the boxes cleared away and back into the garage, and I didn’t want to make him do all the decorating by himself. Hoping to get a little down time in the coming week.

Watched a lot of football in the afternoon, naturally. I also finished reading Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case, by Agatha Christie. I already have it on my list of books read (back around the time it was originally issued), but didn’t remember any of it. Maybe I fudged the record a bit? Then later I fell asleep on the sofa, watching re-runs of The X-Files. Got to bed around 2am.


Here I Go Again

Yes, I know I promised myself (as well as the whole bloomin’ bloggin’ community) I’d never start another new blog. Seems I just can’t help myself. Actually, the blog title popped into my head this morning, and I really couldn’t resist.

I’m thinking this could be a sort of online journal, not focused on any one specific area or topic. Just what goes on in my life, day to day, and the thoughts I care to share.

Maybe. I’ve never been able to keep one of these personal chit-chat blogs going very long, even though I’ve started several over the years. So this one might bite the dust overnight. But let’s see what emerges, shall we?